Austria is appreciated worldwide for its cultural treasures of the past and present. These are reflected in grandiose architectural monuments, multifaceted musical styles, literary masterpieces, successful theater and film projects and, of course, in the fine arts., Austrian art and culture and art and culture from other European countries  have been constantly influencing each other leading to a close relatedness.

The Federal Chancellery (BKA)

In the field of art and culture the BKA is responsible for grants and scholarships provided by the federal government, as well as for the care and preservation of the cultural heritage (libraries, federal museums, monument protection, cultural promotion) and the federal theaters.
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Culture in the federal states

The nine Austrian federal states play an important role in the cultural field. On the one hand they create the legal and social framework for cultural events. On the other hand the states often actively organize and manage such events or they support private projects by awarding grants and scholarships.

Cultural events, organizers, institutions and players in the individual federal states as well as regional promotion programs and much more can be found on the following webpages:

Federal State of Vienna (Link)

Federal State of Vorarlberg (Link)

Federal State of Tyrol (Link)

Federal State of Styria (Link)

Federal State of Salzburg (Link)

Federal State of Upper Austria (Link)

Federal State of Lower Austria (Link)

Federal State of Carinthia (Link)

Federal State of Burgenland (Link)