International Cultural Policy

International cultural policy is an essential and invaluable instrument of Austrian foreign policy constituting a driving force that promotes Austria’s international cultural presence in an increasingly interlinked world

Its tasks and goals are formulated in the ‘Foreign Cultural Policy Concept’.

The main goal is to present a unique image of a contemporary, innovative and creative Austria, which is promoted and consolidated by means of high-quality cultural and scientific projects initiated and carried out by Austria’s network of representations abroad (Cultural Fora, embassies, consulates-general), often in collaboration with local partners in the respective countries.

In contemporary times and the process of globalization, we view cultural dialogue as an ever-growing factor for positive international cooperation. Culture overcomes borders, opens doors and unites people of different backgrounds, faiths, religions and views of the world.


Culture Policy Section of Federal Ministry of Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (Link)

Foreign Cultural Policy Conceptt (Link)