Nominal support

It is possible to request nominal support from the Austrian embassy for cultural and scientific projects with a tangible relevance to Austria or Austrian Culture.

Nominal support given by the Embassy of Austria allows the organiser:

  • to make public that the project is officially approved by the Embassy of Austria
  • to use the logo of the Austrian Embassy, the Austrian Cultural Forum and/or the special anniversary logo on advertisement material, e.g. poster, brochures, websites, banners and the like.

Terms and Conditions:

a) In the field of culture and science
b) Related to Austria (Austrian artists; topic concerning Austria, contribution to the mutual understanding and cultural exchange between Austria and Japan etc.)
c) In case of a concert, at least 66% of the content must be from Austrian composers or there has to be at least one Austrian musician performing
d) The project has to take place in Japan
e) The project does not violate any applicable Austrian or Japanese law and is not offensive to public order or goes against morality. Furthermore it does not affect the friendly relations between the two countries in a negative way.
f) The application has to be made at least 3 months in advance of the project start.
g) The application has to contain detailed information on the project
h) Every document in print or electronic form carrying the logo of the Austrian Embassy, the Austrian Cultural Forum and/or the special anniversary logo has to be approved by the Cultural Forum before used publicly
i) The Austrian Embassy and the Cultural Forum shall not be liable for the project or its costs
j) The Austrian Culture Forum shall be notified in case of changes in the project’s goal, its content or the usage of its financial support
k) After completion the applicants will submit a report on the course and outcome of the event including the number of visitors

In case of violation of our Terms and Conditions, the Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo reserves the right to revoke its nominal support.
After nominal support is given, the organisers can request the Austrian Culture Forum to advertise the project on their Website. In that case applicants need to provide a short description of the project (100 words) in Japanese, English and German as well as the visual material.
In case of a project receiving the nominal support by the Austrian embassy, we kindly ask our applicants to provide us with a limited amount of free entry tickets for Embassy members and interested persons. Further we kindly ask for cooperation regarding the distribution of our information material (provided by the Forum) during the project/event.

If you are planning a cultural or scientific project related to Austria, feel free to request our nominal support by sending us the ‘Application Form’ via E-Mail.


‚Terms and Conditions for Nominal Support‘

Austrian Embassy Tokyo
1-1-20, Moto-Azabu, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 106-0046

The Austrian Cultural Forum is looking forward to your application and future collaboration!